Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spicy Scented Trivets and Coasters

UPDATE:  Check out my new variation of my scented trivets here!

Here are a few new products I've been working on. The spicy scent in these coasters and trivets is wonderful. It is a mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon chips, anise seed, cloves, allspice, and rosemary. I purchased these herbs from San Francisco Herb Co. My fiance helped me write out the instruction cards. The word wallop is completely foreign to me. So not only do they make great kitchen accessories, they also work as stress relievers when your perfectly planned holiday meal does not turn out as you had hoped.

My 23rd birthday was this week. My parents helped me make my amazon wish list smaller and bought me a stack full of books. I was so happy to receive Anna Maria Horner's new release, Seams to Me: 24 Reasons to Love Sewing. It was a huge surprise to find an envelope full of patterns in the back! I also got a copy of Sew Everything Workshop and I found the perfect material to make the flouncy tank top.

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