Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mini Envelope Template

I have another envelope template to share. This one I used to create envelopes for the "Silhouette of a Tree" and "Evening Light" cards. These are slightly more tricky than the petal envelopes because the corners of the square need to be marked on the inside of the paper before cutting. That way you know exactly where to score and fold. Also, a little bit of gluing involved. Or you can use a nice double sided tape so its not as messy. I also like the clear paper glue.

I got my gouache today, so far its not working for me. I am going to try to combine watercolor and gouache to see if I can get the results I was looking for. It could be that I am now in the mood to work with oils so I might give the gouache and watercolors a break.

UPDATE: New template available for download here.


Kerry said...

Great template. I used to make a lot of envelopes for my cards... I guess I've bcome a little lazy and now I use the store bought bits.
Those envelopes look so much nicer than the plain ol' whities. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I will use this template for the envelope of my best friends birthday card. How did you think of this?! This is totally cool!

Gaby said...

Hi this is awesome!

Jana said...

Awsome template, am just about to make my second one.