About the Artist

Nicole Lilyquist’s love for art and nature began at a young age.  As a child she started her art journey with painting scenery and still life on pieces of cardboard or brown paper.  Eventually she explored various mediums and worked on canvas and watercolor paper, always trying to capture the beauty she found in nature.

Nicole soon realized how necessary and important her creativity was in her life.  After some painful moments and neglecting her health she knew she needed to find ways to manage her health.  She became more in tune to when she felt stress and began managing it through meditation.  She picked up a paintbrush after a few years of forgetting the joy it brought into her life.  This time she used an intuitive approach and found the process itself was very relaxing.  With increased energy and confidence she began selling her work.  She soon realized that the positive and healing energy she put into each piece transferred to the people who admired her work.    

Many of us live a fast paced lifestyle and the importance of taking care of ourselves is often forgotten. Nicole’s works of art serve as reminders for you to stop and take pleasure in the moment, to slow down, and to find the balance you need in your journey to health and happiness.