Sunday, March 1, 2015

Studio Sunday

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A monthly update, dedicated to to showing you my process, sneak peeks inside my studio, and previews of works in progress turned into finished products.
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I've made these little boxes in the past, you may remember this one, or this one.  I wanted to put a new spin on an old idea.  Rather than using paper and paint, I cut out small pieces of heirloom fabric to create these little dresses, then embroidered each one with a unique design.  They are the feature of my dioramas and will hang from a delicate bit of thread.  These are a smaller version of the larger ones I am planning to create.  With help from my husband, I would like to construct a few wood boxes that would be the frame for the dioramas.  I will have one of these small boxes available as a "Pay What You Wish" opportunity, details soon.

As you can see, I am dreaming of spring.  The below freezing temperatures are starting to get to me.  Maybe this way I can bring a little warmth inside.  The other day I pulled out a small canvas and created a very simple still life.  I enjoyed the process of creating texture on this simple painting.  It reminds me of the cold sunny days, when the almost blinding sunlight shines into our home, providing some warmth.

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