Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Montessori Inspired Home

Recently I purchased the Montessori at Home! ebook.  I purchased this book for the activities, but it appears to be a lifestyle change.  I now have both of my boys doing practical life exercises, with Damon cracking eggs and peeling carrots and Evan pouring his own water and setting the table.  I also made a few changes to our home in order to accommodate my little guys.

The kitchen before...

 And after...

I am working on hanging more artwork at their height.

A place to hang their coats.

Our creative area.  Sometimes they like to eat here as well, especially Evan.

A few bins I put together from the book.  One is filled with rice and lavender, the other with spices, seeds, and rice.

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Krista said...

That's awesome! I tabbled in the idea of that teaching style but so far haven't gotten to serious with it. We have a couple schools in town that base their teaching off that method. One of my friends has her daughter in it now. Her daughter is in love with the place.