Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Two Years

(Photo by KT Elements)

I'm going to be honest, our wedding day was not particularly a significant day in our relationship, nor was it a day to mark our permanent commitment to each other.  Weeks before our wedding, we were no longer looking forward to the day.  We just wanted to get it over with and go back to our normal routine.  Between typical wedding drama and busy days as working parents, we never wrote the vows we had intended.

Yesterday was a special day.  My plans did not go as smoothly as I had hoped, but I managed to get most of it right.  My Dad informed me my husband told him he doesn't like it when I am secretive, but he was very pleased with our date.  I set up a romantic picnic for us in a secluded area at a park nearby.   While unsuccessfully holding back tears I proposed to renew our vows for our 5th year anniversary.  We have plenty of time to plan, and plenty of time to write.  I also requested that he bring his camera with him, so once we get the film developed, we will have some photos of our afternoon together.

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